help us and share

Our team needs volunteer tech superstars no profit - much to learn - much to win !

What we do

Rank a Brand is an independent and reliable brand-comparison website which assesses consumer brands in several sectors in order to rank them according to sustainability and social responsibility.

Why we need you =)

We want to relaunch the Rank a Brand websites and services.

Thanks to our supporters, volunteers and professionals we finished the new design and also the technical requirements analysis.

We are now on the way to build things up and there for we need your help =)

wanted: SEO experts

Your area will be the optimization and strategic planning. You are also involved to ensure a safe relaunch. You can get a great expertise on working for an NGO.

  • 60.000+ visitors per moth
  • large growing rate
  • 600$ daily budget for googles AdWords (non-governmental organization)

wanted: IT professionals

You will develop a modern and modularized plattform with a focus on testing, clean code, documentation and requirements. This will be the basement for backend services, mapping of organization processes and serving the frontend.

  • php, sass, coffeescript, gulp
  • mvc, active record, services, modularisation ( yii2 framework )
  • git, docker, agile development

wanted: Web developer

Your task will be the frontend implementation based on well developed interfaces and mockups. In fact there will be a widget-system that gives you access to backend services and resources. You will get a great expertise in modern responsive web development.

  • php, sass, coffeescript, gulp ( angular2 under discussion )
  • responsive web development with bootstrap-sass
  • pagespeed optimisation, semantic html

Why i should do this?

...for nothing but karma?

Yes! That is true. But ...

  • you will be part of a positive, respectful and modern acting team
  • you will build a beautiful “product” from consumer for consumer
  • you will get expertise and references for working for an NGO

And of course: this will not decrease your “karma-points” ;)